Apple announce the new iPhones

Today Apple announce the new iPhone’s.  The iPhone 5S (the top of the range model) and the iPhone 5C (a lower priced and specked model but very colourful)iPhone_5C


Lets look at the iPhone 5S.  It has a new super fast A7 64-bit processor to deliver massive performance gains over previous models and finally bringing the 64-bit architecture to the mobile market.  Graphics processing has also been given a big boost if you are of the gaming nature.  All motion control processing has been separated into a new coprocessor, the M7.

Security has also been made easier to use with new fingerprint reader built into the home button.  Touch ID, as its called, can be used to unlock the phone, make iTunes and App purchases.  Fingerprint data is stored in a secure place in the A7 CPU locally on the phone and never sent anywhere.  The data is accessible only by the Touch ID sensor and nothing else.  Sounds good to me. Click Here for Apples’ video.

Also on the new iPhone 5S, Apple have spend a lot of time on the camera.  These days I seem to be taking more pictures on my phone than with my Nikon SLR because I always have it with me.  What Apple have done is not to compete with on paper specifications such as mega pixels etc. but to actually look at what makes a good quality picture.  Finally!  More mega pixels just means a bigger image not a better one.  With this knowledge the new iPhone 5S has a new redesigned sensor with bigger pixels, allowing more light and better detail.  The processing of this data has also been improved and the final results look great. Click Here for Apples’ video and picture samples.

Release dates are September 20th for both phones but the iPhone 5C can be pre-orderd from September 13th.  iOS 7 is available from September 18th for iPhone 4 and above.

What are your thoughts? Will you be ordering one? Prices can be seen in the Apple on-line store.