Safari Problem on IOS and OSX

Are you having problems with Safari on your Mac or IPhone? Driving you insane and you can’t find a solution online? (Not helped by the fact you can barely use Safari..)
Safari search bar not working, Safari crashing on iPhone, simply cannot type in the address bar at the top of your safari window or struggling with opening new tabs etc..

We can’t give you a fix but at the moment here is a way of getting your Safari running again!

IOS Instructions

Go Into IPhone settings:

Iphone settings

Then select Safari

Current iphone settings

Deselect the following settings as seen below

New iphone settings

This should do the trick. You Many need to restart your iPhone afterwards.

OSX Instructions

Whilst in Safari at the top of your screen click “Safari” and then “Preferences” which will open a window:

Click the “Search” tab which has a magnifying glass.

You will see a list of settings which look like this..

Current OSX settings

Deselect the bottom 4 options as below..

New OSX settings

This should do the trick! You may need to quit Safari and re-open it to get running again. Hopefully Apple will give us a proper fix soon!

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