Windows 8.1 for free!

Windows 8.1 for free

Microsoft have announced that they will be realising Windows 8.1 for free to customers already on Windows 8.

The new update to Microsoft’s Latest desktop operating system is due to be released this month and is already available to pre-order on Microsoft’s US store.

There has been a lot of criticism about the new touch-screen design of Windows 8 as it is simply not suited for the majority of SME’s hat still that a traditional desktop type machine on their desks. ┬áRetailers have also seen a decline in PC sales and it is thought that the recommendation by IT departments and professionals not stick with Windows 7 may be slightly to blame for this.

Windows 8.1 is to see the return of the Start button and also the option to boot straight to the desktop and skip the current home / start screen of Windows 8.

Click here for more information and a preview of Windows 8.1